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One of the more extraordinary places to live in Spain is La Drova. This little-known (but exclusive) estate lies in a gorgeous hanging valley just north of the vibrant town of Gandia. Gandia is a town of some 80,000 people which has some of the finest Blue Flag beaches on the Mediterranean and is renowned as a holiday destination for the Spanish themselves. A very well-distributed town (and a home of the notorious Borgias!), Gandia has loads of shops, boutiques, bars and restaurants and the excellent infrastructure of a major town. Importantly, it also has a direct rail link to Valencia City and its international airport.

Lying nine kilometres (about fifteen minutes drive) from Gandia is La Drova. Here is an estate that has grown up organically – as opposed to so many anaemic, newly-built ‘Lego-like’ estates around coastal Spain. As a consequence, there are a wide variety of character properties.

Indeed, at any given time you are almost certain to find a property for sale in La Drova that will suit you – whether you want a large or small plot, a single or two storey villa, a traditional Spanish villa or a modern property. Equally, there are a range of houses for sale in La Drova with three, four five or more bedrooms .with some properties for sale in La Drova having the benefit of independent apartments. These can be great, if you need a granny annexe or intend doing a lot of entertaining.

The prices of villas for sale in La Drova tend to be incredibly competitive . Certainly by comparison to north European properties (or properties in many parts of coastal Spain!) villas for sale in La Drova provide amazing value for money. Of course, prices of property for sale in La Drova vary wildly, depending upon their size, condition and plots. However, prices tend to start at around 200-250,000 Euros for a three bedroom, two bathroom villa with a plot of around 800 m2.

Importantly, property in La Drova is Urbana (an essential pre-condition for any wise buyer of property in Spain). All properties in La Drova have mains water and electricity and access to land line telephone connections. There is Internet, of course, with many people choosing to have Wifi, which tends to be both reliable and cheap.

The sheet beauty of the La Drova valley (green and lush, full of pines and olives, with dramatic mountains around) will delight you. This is an area ideal for anyone who loves walking, climbing, cycling or nature at its most dramatic. Hawks and eagles circle overhead and the night sky is astonishingly clear. Meanwhile, Gandia’s beaches are only a 15/20 minute drive away.

Vitally, La Drova is right next to the village of Barx. This is a 2 minute drive away or 15 minutes walk (along one of two lovely paths. Barx has several bars and restaurants, two supermarkets, a pharmacy, bread shops, butchers, a bank, a dentist (who speaks English!) and an excellent doctor’s surgery. So, close to hand, La Drova has all the amenities that you need day to day (with a small market once a week). All of this is very important, as it means that if you are looking to buy a villa for sale in La Drova then you ‘buy into’ a community – and all the vital amenities that support the community.

So if you are looking to move to Spain or perhaps wish to have a holiday home here then do have a look at the extraordinary property for sale in La Drova. You will be buying into an amazing place that will provide you with a dream lifestyle!

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