Mark van Jaarsveld

My name is Mark van Jaarsveld and for the last 18 years, I have been living near the town of Gandia in the Valencia region of Spain with my partner Nigel, our dogs and several more cats!

I am co-owner of a successful bed and breakfast in Gandia, Spain. Due to our location we attract guests throughout the year. Many come during the summer period for the obvious attractions of a sunshine holiday in a beautiful part of the Costa Blanca, whilst others come in the cooler months to enjoy the other attractions of the area. We therefore promote holiday opportunities based around walking and hiking in the nearby hills and mountains, rock climbing on the famous crags nearby, as well as mountain biking along tracks and trails within a short distance of our property. Other guests come in search of their own home in Spain and spend time with us during their property search in the area.

Before coming to Spain I spent seven years living and working in London and prior to coming to London, I spent 33 years in my native South Africa.

In my spare time I enjoy a variety of outdoor activities in the beautiful countryside of this area.
My main passions are road running, mountain biking, hiking, photography and cooking.

Mark van Jaarsveld
Life Motto :- per labores ad honores

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