Barranc de Borrell

Barranc de Borrell

Barranc de Borrell.
A linear path with little difficulty, an obvious path and a well-marked path.
We start the trail from the information panel located at the beginning of a forest track that begins on the CV-675 at the end of its passage through the Urb. Montesol, before crossing the Borrell ravine. The path runs parallel to the Borrell ravine in an ascending direction, we first pass through some ruins (place where they want to make a visitor center of the Municipal Natural Park Caldereta-Borrell). After a few minutes the track disappears to make way for the path, where we find a stone bench to rest. The path runs at all times along the right bank of the Borrell ravine. On the right bank of the oak forest and on the left where we pass pines, junipers and junipers, these last two species are not very frequent in the area. Later the path turns in a SW direction, leaving on our right the ravine that joins, coming from the top of the Aldaia and we enter a mountain circus of great natural and landscape potential, with rock formations and vertical walls in the highest parts that house golden eagles.

Now the vegetation is more lush with ballasts, murta, genista, llenticle, carob trees, etc. Throughout the tour the interpretive tables are present keeping the hiker well informed about botanical, ecological and karst aspects.

Following the path without any loss, we reach the Portalet, which is a rock formation in the shape of a door, and which gives its name to the path.

The portalet ends the linear path of the path, leaving the possibility of continuing on an unapproved path, to the southern edge of Pinet-Quatretonda. Now it only remains to do the tour in reverse, yes, looking at it from another perspective.

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