La font del Lloret (Marxuquera)

Situated on the norther side of the Marchuquera valley you will find “La font del Lloret”, a natural water source situated in a beautiful gorge high in the mountains. The route is well sigh-posted, with markings on the rocks and trees to ensure that you stay on the correct path. The scenery is quite dramatic and stunning, with high cliffs and exposed rock faces. The start of the route is through orange orchards and is very easy walking for the first 5km. The last kilometer, from stone building to fountain, is through dense pine forested and is shady.

Once arriving at “La font del Lloret” the source of the Lloret, you will find a shady gully with water oozing out of the rock, and flowing into a canal that feeds the water back down the valley. Green ferns and moss cover the damp walls and bird song can be heard everywhere. A lovely place to have your picnic, surrounded by the babbling water and the birds.

The return walk is easy going and much quicker than the journey upwards.
A very pleasant stroll back to our Bed and Breakfast in the Mountains.

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